Oct 5, 2009

Last days in Reykjavik

[Group 12]-panob106  1207_panob106  1208-2 images DSC_8758 Museum of Modern Art: DSC_8759 A famous icelandic fishing vessel: DSC_8764-Edit DSC_8763-Edit Hvalur 6 & 7, two whaling vessels that were sunk by Greenpeace in 1986: DSC_8781 DSC_8782 Fuck you, you and your H2: DSC_8796 [Group 9]-panob109  1217_panob109  1221-5 images Hallgrímskirkja church: DSC_8837 [Group 5]-panob113  1252_panob113  1263-12 images DSC_8878 DSC_8884 [Group 3]-panob115  1270_panob115  1277-8 images Best bakery in town: [Group 1]-panob117  1302_panob117  1305-4 images DSC_8950 and we flew back: DSC_8954 Brighton: DSC_8968


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